What I Caught

I am blessed to have the family, mentors, and close friends that I have.  I love them all dearly for being a part of my life and helping shape who I am today.

But this isn’t about them.

Every once in a while your life will unexpectantly cross paths with someone else’s and you catch something about them that causes you to change.  Maybe you change a lot, or maybe  just a little.  Maybe you experience a paradigm shift seeing things in a different light.

That was my recent experience with a guy named Ryan Day.

Over the course of a few short months, Ryan and I discussed much about ministry (leading worship, rehearsal, song set dynamics, etc.), but what I learned most from him was in observation.  I’m an observer.  I learn new concepts and ideas best by watching.  If I can, in turn, visualize myself doing the same, chances are (with some practice) I’ll eventually catch it for myself.

Here are a few things I’ve caught simply by observing Ryan.

Great leaders:
– tirelessly invest of their time and energy into their people.
– don’t waste their time telling people what to think, but inspire those around them to think for themselves.
– consciously defy the religious spirit and thought processes.
– don’t manipulate others to higher performance (others want to be better just because they are around).
– worship God with fervor and are good at encouraging others to the same.
– love the house of God and sacrifice much to build it (even when there is no immediate benefit for themselves in doing so).
– read voraciously.
– will objectively critique your work while at the same time give you hope that you will get better.

These are just a few.  To be sure, I’ve read and heard some of these before.  But it’s one thing to know theories intellectually.  It’s quite another to watch them in action.

I’m not saying the man walks on water.  He has his quirks and hangups.  We all do.  I also regularly find these leadership qualities in others around me, so they are not unique to just Ryan.  I’m just saying that a new set of eyes or a fresh perspective on things can go a long way.

Oh yeah, one other thing I caught:  A great leader can have a tremendous impact on others even if they are only around for a short time.  Ryan is moving on to bigger and greater opportunities and I pray only the best for him and his family.

Follow Ryan’s blog or his twitter @PRDay.  Who knows, you might catch something.


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