God Is Not “FaIr”

We are going to sacrifice a sacred cow.  The cow is called “keeping things faIr”.  Most people would agree:

“Life is not faIr.”

Contrary to popular belief, God is not “faIr” either.  At least not in the sense most think.

My youngest son is in this stage of life right now.  “That’s not faIr!”

What’s he really saying when complaining of the seemingly insurmountable hardships a 9-year-old boy endures?  (Yes, that’s a bit of sarcasm.)

He is saying, “I am not getting what I feel I deserve.”  Which is an immature and very selfish way to live when you think about it.

Most parents agree it’s normal for children to grow through and out of this stage.  It’s sad, however, when grown adults don’t.

Now I agree with the statement, “Life is not faIr.”  So I see no point in making life “faIr” for my son.

“Wait a minute…did he just say that?”

Yup.  Before you label me as an ultra-harsh dad, let me explain.  I believe in creating equal Opportunity by keeping the door of Opportunity open to all who would choose to walk through it.  This has little to do with “keeping things faIr” and more to do with developing environments for success.

Equal Opportunity is desirable for people to flourish, “faIr” is an act in futility.

If we as parents, teachers, and leaders waste our time by trying to “keep things faIr” in our homes, classrooms, and organizations for those that simply express, in whatever form, “I am not getting what I feel I deserve.”; then we enable people to keep their attentions on appeasing I, I, and I, and never focus on real success which involves sacrifice of I, I, and I.

  • It’s not “faIr” some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight while others so much as look at a pizza and gain five pounds…but all can lead a healthier life style.
  • It’s not “faIr” some kids are Beethovens with any musical instrument they get their hands on while others struggle with a simple beat…but all can practice and improve.
  • It’s not “faIr” others are seemingly more gifted, more talented, and better looking than you are…but are those any reasons to give up on your dreams?

It’s not “faIr” that, through our ancestor’s choices, we were made a fallen people destined to live forever as outcasts from God’s presence because they chose I, I, and I over Him.  Since God is a completely just, impartial, and a unbribable judge, it’s really what we deserved.

Thankfully, it’s God’s will that all should receive everlasting life (Matt 18:14).  By sacrificing His Son to make things right, God avoided “keeping things faIr” and created equal Opportunity for all that choose Christ.

Kill the sacred cow by spending time preparing for your valuable Opportunity instead of wasting it on worrying about “faIr”.


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