Japan – The Call

I’m sitting here in the airport ready to fly to Japan, finally able to think and lay down my thoughts. The past couple days have been a whirlwind of activity: quick decisions, quick actions, quick everything!
Monday I received a call to. Basically it was, “You’re qualified, you have the training, you have a passport, are you willing to help the Japanese?”
I’m not gonna bore you with all the details, but basically, I called my wife, Gina. I told her the situation and her response was, “Honey, right now those people need all the help they can get. Many have died, many more are desperate, and if you can help then you have to go.”
I love that woman.
So I called back and told them, “I’m in.”
The next day, I get another call asking, “Will you fly to Japan tomorrow?”
Friends, there comes a time in life when you get a call to action. I have to tell you my experience has been that the call comes when you least expect it.
Many worry, prepare, and fret over “my calling” but not so much “my response”. Much like many future brides, that plan and prepare for the event of the wedding but don’t give much thought to what happens for the years after the wedding.
At some point in time you are gonna receive “the call”. Chances are you’ve already gotten it.
Have you thought of what you’re response will be? Have you thought about how much it will cost you?
Because it will cost you. Maybe not money, but it will inconvenience you. It might wreck your carefully thought out 5 year plan. It might take you away from family and friends.
What will you do when you know you can help and you’re asked to simply help?
I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated during the days ahead.
Right now, we just got final confirmation that we are in fact heading out, and the plane is boarding.
Time to go answer the call…


One thought on “Japan – The Call

  1. Hi carlos,
    I’m sure praying for you and all those in Japan going through great hardship and facing challenges beyond measure.
    You are going to recieve all you need to face the call because the Lord is the one who called you.
    Love in Jesus,

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