Can I see your ID?

It seems I get a lot of comments like, “Things that get to most people don’t seem to get to you.”  Or, “Doesn’t that bother you?  It would tick me off!”

I started wondering why some would think this of me.

To really answer these questions, I would have to ask a question of my own:

What are you allowing to affect your identity?

Huh?!?!  How does this even relate?


Identity (n) – the state or fact of remaining the same one, as under varying aspects or conditions

When a person doesn’t identify them self with changing circumstances, then changes in circumstances won’t affect their identity.

  • I don’t identify with the negative words that some may say about me because I know what God says about me.
  • I work well with those in positional authority over me because I don’t identify with how they can make my life easier.  I figure out how I can make them successful.
  • I’m not immovable when it’s necessary to change because I don’t identify myself with the status quo.  I look for the opportunities that become possible when challenges occur.
  • I’m not paralyzed by fear when asked to try something new because I don’t identify myself by the mistakes I might make by simply trying.  I look forward to what I might learn from the experience.

These are just examples of how I think.  How does this apply to you?

It’s simple really…the power over your identity is yours and no one else’s.

Be blessed!


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