From Defeat to Destiny

You did everything you could.  You know you’re the best candidate that applied…

…and you still didn’t get the job.

Losing when you were prepared for and expecting the win is one of the hardest things to accept.

The roller coaster of thoughts and emotions when a man finds out he isn’t getting promoted, he didn’t close the deal, or he wasn’t chosen to lead the project can make for a wild ride.  It’s completely understandable.

Fighters train for months before the event and they don’t train to lose.  All the time, sweat, and pain put into preparing for a fight doesn’t get categorized into “just in case I lose”.  That’s what makes defeat so hard to digest.  It may seem all that time spent preparing was a waste.

In my opinion, the time after a defeat is a crucial point.  How you handle the loss is just as important as how you handle the win.

  • Keep an open mind.  Could it be the master’s degree you are proud of, the experience you think you have, or your amazing organizational skills simply weren’t enough at the time?
  • Resist the urge to beat yourself up for being the loser.  Instead, take the steps necessary to find out why you weren’t promoted and improve in those areas.
  • Be gracious to the person who got the job.  Go out of your way to congratulate them, if possible.  You never know what your working relationship is going to be with that person 5 years from now.

Top MMA fighters know how to handle the losses that come in between the wins.  They know the next level of training and preparation starts with the answers revealed in the defeat.  That’s part of what makes them the best.  Great fighters uncover the opportunities hidden in losses and make their defeat a part of their destiny.  A destiny of winning.

Be blessed!


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