Stay On The Bus…

…when you’ve discovered your life’s calling or the tangible path to your wildest dreams.

Along the way people will think you’re crazy or unqualified.  The desires of your heart will seem silly to them, even childish…Stay on the bus!

At times, your passion will turn into pain…you’ll have to work through it.  Your excitement will turn into embarrassment…you’ll make mistakes.  Either way…Stay on the bus!

To many, quitting is a choice that is always an open option.  Excuses for discarding their calling abound:

I don’t have time…I can’t afford it…I don’t like who’s in charge…I’m frustrated…It’s become a chore…I don’t love it anymore.

Everyone experiences feelings of discouragement and doubt.  Everyone.  Including you and me.

But I see a couple of problems with getting off the bus…

  1. The bus keeps moving.  The bus will have to stop to let you off.  But there is no guarantee that it will stick around and wait for you to decide if you’re going to get back on (especially if the bus involves a team that still has a job to do).  There is a good chance you’ll find everyone else has moved on.  This means should you decide to get back on you’ll have to catch up.  That could take much longer than you thought.    In some cases, there is no bus to be found.  They’re long gone.
  2. You’ve lost momentum.  I hear this all the time – “I just want a break.  I’ll get back to it when I’m ready.”  99% never get back.  People who take a “break” now have all this extra time that they eventually fill up with something else.  Which in itself isn’t a bad thing.  But it’s probably not their true passion.  This new “time filler” becomes baggage.  It’s extra weight.  Newton’s principle of inertia kicks in and you discover it takes much more energy to get moving again than if you would have just kept going.  Your true calling sits there idly.  It becomes more and more difficult to get back to your passion.  It becomes easier and easier to ignore it…leaving you unfulfilled.

I have some dreams.  They’re pretty outrageous by society’s standards.  I want more time with my family.  I want to start a small business and build it to its full potential.  I want to be in full-time ministry (as a music director…wha?!?!?!).  I want to be a free-lance illustrator.

I know my success will depend on whether I stay on the bus or not.  I’ve made my choice.  It’s time you made yours…

Stay on the bus!

Be blessed!

P.S. – Feel free to share your story in the comments section below.  What happened when you stayed on your bus?  It might help encourage someone!


4 thoughts on “Stay On The Bus…

  1. I have gotten off the bus a few times, and it is hard to get back on it! I have been on the bus and been very discouraged, but the end reward defeats the disscouragement, even in the midst of failure. We just need to realize there is so much to learn in our failures, so why not bite the bullet and try!

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